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07 Feb “ Roots matter “
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Beautiful Indian inspired clothing, fashions, Indian jewellery and home-ware. Lovingly made, locally sourced & ethnically produced. Giving life to tra..
07 Feb Hand Made Jewellery – “ Fashion Cycles “
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We support our local families financially who make our handmade jewellery with lots of effort and time, work with passion. Art of culture Taking ..
07 Feb Handloom Waves and Heritage
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Hand-loom has been a part of the culture for thousands of years. We have all had those days when our grandmothers proudly waved the “pallu “of their d..
07 Feb Helping Hands - Sooner or Later
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Humanity is undefined , in a creation helping hands make worlds better , zavis motto is roots matter ,  we share our business profits in various ways..
07 Feb Vacation Time – Enjoy the life it’s fullest
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This is one of the best time to recharge our inner and outer energies, enjoy the times and get charged yourself, eliminate your tiredness, so vacatio..
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